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open source electronic cash

The opencoin project is about "digital cash". We develop a protocol to use the original idea of electronic cash in daily life. For this we also develop a system consisting of minting software, wallet software and everything that is necessary to have a system for anonymous electronic transactions.

opencoin defines standards and provides an implementation around the blind-signature system as invented by David Chaum, known as electronic cash / digicash. The software and specs are Open-Source under a GPL License.


In 2008, we created a first draft of the protocol, which was reviewed by our crypto experts, and no obvious flaws were found. A legal report documents how an opencoin system could be used within the EU. We had also created a some sample code (including a S60 mobile client ) mostly to test the protocol and to proof the concept.

Current status of the project

We are currently maturing the protocol and developing several clients, e.g. one in JavaScript and one for iOS.

Starting points