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open source electronic cash

The opencoin project is about "digital cash". We develop a protocol to use the original idea of electronic cash in daily life. For this we also develop a system consisting of minting software, wallet software and everything that is necessary to have a system for anonymous electronic transactions.

opencoin defines standards and provides an implementation around the blind-signature system as invented by David Chaum, known as electronic cash / digicash. The software and specs are Open-Source under a GPL License.

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In 2008, we created a first draft of the protocol, which was reviewed by our crypto experts, and no obvious flaws were found. A legal report documents how an opencoin system could be used within the EU. We had also created some sample implementations (including a S60 mobile client ), mostly to test the protocol and as a proof of concept.

Current status of the project

We are currently (July 2022) rebooting the project.

Starting points