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Startup meeting Nov 22, 2007 from 08:00 AM to 05:00 PM,
A first meeting to start the opencoin project. An opportunity to plan the project and meet the other pariticpants.
my homepage
where you can find more about me
a testresponse in json format for a wallet
opencoin crypto summary online
New interesting read from the cryptographic perspective now available
chaum report
ui designs
designs for the user interface have arrived
remote controlled web wallets
just some thoughts on a very insecure approach
Work continues
a sign of activity
Its working!
work on the second iteration is moving forward.
Weekly update, 8 May 09
Whats been happening?
ocwallet short preview
just a glimpse on the ocwallet. Click on the image to see a full size animation, or go to the folder linked below to see individual images
ocwallet images
Images from the wallet
Preview of the first opencoin mobile phone wallet
An animation showing of the current (11.5.09) state of development of the opencoin mobile phone wallet.
s60 device selection
You need to select version 3 and up on to see all devices that run the opencoin wallet software
Installing the mobile phone wallet
How to install the mobile phone wallet software
Standalone wallet software for your phone
The very first opencoin wallet software (alpha level, working preview) is ready!
use the source, ...
How to use the source of the opencoin wallet on the mobile phone
Weekly update, 15th May 09
What happened this week?
using the wallet with the emulation
There is a rather simplistic emulation available in order to run the ocwallet software on a linux (maybe windows?) machine. This tell how
ocwallet emulated
A screenshot that shows the emulation in action
Weekly update, 22nd May 09
What has been happining?
ocwallet 0.1.4
a bit slow when starting and saving (saving is also done after minting/refreshing/receiving). Takes about 10 sec for saving. Thats because of encryption of the data.
ocwallet 0.1.3
ocwallet 0.1.2
ocwallet 0.1.1
Nils doesn't like web-wallets birthday release
wallet software for nokia phones
Downloadable installers for the standalone version of the opencoin wallet software for s60 3rd + Nokia phones
ocwallet 0.1.5
Encrypted database disabled due to speed
Weekly update, 31st May 09
What has been happening
freemind file with legal issues
the legal issues mindmap in a format suitable for freemind
ocwallet 0.1.6
wallet client for nokia s60 phones
Weekly update, 05. June 09
What has been happening?
ocwallet 0.1.7
slight improvements in gui to allow for arbitary ports
webwallet toy, minor changes to mobile phone wallet and other news
What has happened in the last few days
Setting up the dev environment
How to setup a dev environment in which at least the issuer runs
web wallet playground
There is a playground without any security available to test opencoin a bit.
A little webwallet server, useful for doing a quick play or test, but never ever for doing something real. No security etc.
the original protocol
This is the opencoin protocol in its written form. The current python library uses a sligtly modified version
all messages
The messages from the protocol
Legal report published
We had a legal report made for the opencoin project. You can now read it!
code updates
bankbarcamp berlin
We were at the bank barcamp in Berlin.
bankbarcamp london 2012
We are at the bankbarcamp in London (2012)
Sprint in Berlin, June 2012
We are sprinting in Berlin!
@29c3 in Hamburg, December 2012
We are at the 29c3 in Hamburg
opencoin android1
opencoin android2
opencoin android3
opencoin android app
opencoin and ripple
On the naming confusion around opencoin and ripple.
opencoin @ campusparty 13
We are going to give a presentation at the campusparty event 2013
We are now also reachable on