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Installing the mobile phone wallet

How to install the mobile phone wallet software

Be aware: this very much alpha quality software!

not at all suitable for real life (tm)!

Get a phone that works

s60 device selectionIn order to run the wallet software,  you need to have a compatible mobile phone. Please go to the S60 page, and in the "Search S60 devices" under the "Editions" tab select version 3 and above. You will then get a list of all mobile phones that cun run python, and in return the opencoin wallet.


Allow installation of self-signed apps

On symbian, all applicatiions to be installed need to be electronically signed. If I wanted to distribute to all S60 mobile phones, I would need to get an electronic signature from symbian for a price, everytime the software is updated.  But we are not there yet. Thats why we chose to do 'self-signing'. This means you can install our application, but you need to follow the instructions on how to allow installing of self signed apps


Install python

The whole opencoin system is coded in python at the moment, and thats why you need to install the python runtime. Download the official python runtime distribution


onto your phone, and install it by clicking on it. Remember the drive you installed it on!

This is a qrcode to quickly download to your phone:




Install ocwallet

Now, download the ocwallet standalone app

. Install it to the same drive you installed python to.


This is a qrcode to quickly download to your phone:





Running the wallet

Right now the wallet works fine if you play it fine. There are lots of bugs in it, and next to no input checking is done. We are working on it to improve it, of course. The first thing when you start up the phone is installing a currency. Right now there is only one testcurrency - 'BaachBucks'. This is the default in the 'options' -> 'add currency' dialog.


ocwallet7.jpg ocwallet10.jpg ocwallet12.jpg ocwallet13.jpg ocwallet19.jpg


When promtped for select an access point, select an access point of which you know that it works. If not, all you create is an error message.

Have fun!


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