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webwallet toy, minor changes to mobile phone wallet and other news

What has happened in the last few days

With software development slowing down a bit atm the format of weekly updates will be replaced by news from time to time.


So, in the last few days:

  • a webwallet has seen the light. The wallet cgi script can be used to server multiple webwallets. Besides there being conceptual flaws (anonymity, stealing of coins etc.) it might serve as an easy demo for arbitary phones, and just testing the idea out. Oh, there is a server that you can access at  It has no password protection (yet), but other then that does the usual operations.
  • The mobile phone client has been updated as well to allow proper interaction with the webwallets. Not much needed, just gui changes for recipients addresses.
  • There was a meeting with people from the liquidity network in Dublin. It showed (again) that opencoin itself is not interesting - its about the currencies / systems that one implements with it. For a currency like the lqn opencoin could be offered by third parties to allow anonymous transactions on top of lqn - there would be indipendent traders that would exchange lqn for openlqns.
  • Another thing that has become appearant are the legal issues. Most problematic is the e-money directive, which comes as no surprise as it was specifically was brought in due to the fear of electronic cash. It seems that it does not cover alternative currencies though - closed loop barter systems that don't transfer to 'real' currency are not covered by the directive, imho.


Ok, thats it for now.