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Weekly update, 8 May 09

Whats been happening?

The software is moving forward. We now have a wallet that works to the extend that you can do:

  • Get coins from an issuer
  • Spend coins with another wallet via bluetooth
  • Spend coins with another wallet via internet
  • Exchange coins against fresh ones
  • Redeem coins
  • Add new currencies


Working" means that it uses real opencoin protocol everywhere, nothing is faked, but lots of polisihing needs doing. Things like:


  • Making the wallet a standalone app
  • Adding graphics and sound to wallet
  • Error handling everywhere
  • Way more security checks
  • Issuer: run different processes for issuer service, mint and authorizer
  • Issuer: have command line tools for doing the critical bits (key signing etc.)


But still, you could start trying to use it. Install howto will follow soon!