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bankbarcamp london 2012

We are at the bankbarcamp in London (2012)

bankbarcamp london 2012 - Read More…

bankbarcamp berlin

We were at the bank barcamp in Berlin.

bankbarcamp berlin - Read More…

Legal report published

We had a legal report made for the opencoin project. You can now read it!

Legal report published - Read More…

web wallet playground

There is a playground without any security available to test opencoin a bit.

web wallet playground - Read More…

Standalone wallet software for your phone

The very first opencoin wallet software (alpha level, working preview) is ready!

Standalone wallet software for your phone - Read More…

Preview of the first opencoin mobile phone wallet

An animation showing of the current (11.5.09) state of development of the opencoin mobile phone wallet.

Preview of the first opencoin mobile phone wallet - Read More…

Its working!

work on the second iteration is moving forward.

Its working! - Read More…

ui designs

designs for the user interface have arrived

ui designs - Read More…

opencoin crypto summary online

New interesting read from the cryptographic perspective now available

opencoin crypto summary online - Read More…

opencoin and ripple

On the naming confusion around opencoin and ripple.

opencoin and ripple - Read More…

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