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opencoin protocol first draft
describing coin creation, wallet 2 wallet, coin exchange (for new ones) and coin redemption
Legal questions
what do we need to know in the legal field
Crypto questions
What do we need to know in the field of crypto?
using OpenCoin development resources
Using subversion repository, TRAC, mailing lists, ...
The Complete Guide To Symbian Signed
A guide from symbian explaining the signing process. We might not really need it for opencoin/s60, as the python is signed by default anyhow. I we want to create a nice bundle though, we have to sign the bundle (I think).
crypto meeting at royal holloway Feb 01, 2008 from 09:30 AM to 05:30 PM Royal Holloway,
A meeting to discuss outcomings of the crypto work so far, and planning further steps
Minutes for crypto meeting, Feb 1st 2008
The minutes for the meeting
opencoin legal summary (doc)
A legal report on the legal questions regarding use of opencoin. WARNING: A number of substantial changes have since been made to the relevant areas of UK and EU law covered in this report and this report cannot be relied on for legal advice purposes with separate independent legal advice having to be undertaken in any individual case.
ui designs
user interface designs
help on our system and the site
Issues, bugs and errors with the opencoin system
Other projects
We are not alone (anymore). Links to projects that are also developing electronic money systems
bankbarcamp london 2012
OpenCoin - open questions
OpenCoin - open questions
logo files
Protocol Design Decisions
This document contains additional explanations to the protocol specification, it describes why certain design decisions have been made, which alternative options have been evaluated and their pros and cons.
Project ideas for students from Google Summer of Code and other contributors.
Priorities [German]
Link list
A library of interesting web resources