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Legal questions

what do we need to know in the legal field

Potential use case scenarios

we developed three different use case scenarios for the opencoin technology:

  1. similar to Paypal (conventional currency)
  2. Hub usecase (new currency/voucher)
  3. In game currency

We decided to more closely investigate case #2, and try to get to a state with the project where we can start doing the 'Hub usecase'


Questions from the meetup meeting

Besides the above mentioned usecase #2, we have a couple of more generic questions that we would need to have answered.

Regulatory requirement

  1. How do we qualify as E-money or bank
  2. Can we do non-trading without being an e-money provider?
  3. What about voucher systems? - people buy vouchers - spend with merchant - merchant can claim back
  4. GBP? What if circulation begins? What if it is international?

Pure anonymity

  1. Would it be illegal + Where + for whom (issuer, spender, receiver)?
  2. Does labelling make a difference (token, currency, payment system)
  3. Does the practice of what you are issuing make a difference - e.g. payment system, issuing currency


  1. Enforced/voluntary receipts - would this be sufficient for regulatory requirements.


  1. Running a marketplace for digital currencies?
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