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A library of interesting web resources



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  • Cryptographic Right Answers
  • The Web Cryptography API from the W3C Web Cryptography Working Group.
  • Javascript crypto libraries:
    • Take a regular LLVM crypto library of your choice, e.g. a C library. Transcribe it to the asm.js subset of javascript e.g. using Emscripten . The result runs in any JS engine, and runs superfast in any JS engine with asm suport.
      E.g. here someone has transcribed the C crypto library NaCl to asm.js.
      Read this article for more.
    • SJCL, the "Stanford Javascript Crypto Library" [AES, SHA256, HMAC, random] (there is an ECC branch)
    • JSBN, Tom Wu's BigInt library [BigInt, RSA, ECC, random, SHA1]
    • CryptoJS [SHA 1-3 & other hashes, HMAC, AES & other ciphers with various modes & paddings, PBKDF2]
    • Dave Shapiro's BigInt and RSA libraries [BigInt, RSA], probably quite fast
    • shop-js, John M. Hanna's "JavaScript Shopping & Crypto" is designed to work with server-side python code []
    • jsSHA by Brian Turek [SHA*]
    • Forge is a Javascript implementation of TLS. It uses Wu's BigInt lib [SHA256 & more, RSA & more, RSA-PSS (!), TLS]
    • Leemon Baird's BigInt library [BigInt, prime finding & testing]
    • Yet another BigInt library by Masanao Izumo [BigInt]
    • An (outdated) overview over BigInt JavaScript libraries
    • Herbert Hanewinkel's OpenPGP Message Encryption [SHA1, AES (enc only), RSA (js-shop), random, PGP encoding & key handling]
    • OpenPGP.js is a promising project that merges many of the above. [SHA* (jsSHA), AES (Hanewinkel) & others, CFB (Hanewinkel), BigInt (Wu), RSA (GPG4B) & others - also depends on SJCL].
      • What paddings are provided? Other cipher modes?
      • They maintain an interesting list of other JS crypto projects
    • (GPG4Browsers - merged into OpenPGP.js)
    • pidCrypt is yet another merger of various of the above (SVN)
    • clipperz a js library with aes, sha and fortuna
    • RfC 3447 defines PKCS #1 (v2.1), in particular RSA-PSS
    • uses heavy JS crypto. They have an interesting response to their critics.



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